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>> good sunday morning. i'm terry mcsweeney in for caroline tyler. let's start with a quick first look at the weather on this extremely busy sunday. here's meteorologist lisa argen. >> hi, terry. we have fog around the bay from the roof camera. west wind at 8 miles an hour and there is fog on the deck of the golden gate bridge. clear sky around san jose. and we are looking at temperatures very similar today. so that fog will continue to evaporate and as it does we will see some sunshine, some higher clouds and once again the higher temperatures around the bay with 60s at our beaches, downtown as well. low to mid-70s in our inland valleys. we are locked into this pattern now for another 24 hours or so. then a whether system offshore
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still spinning in some higher clouds and the possibility of this rain in a few days. terry. >> all right, lisa. thanks very much. topping our news, san francisco's annual fleet week celebration will wrap-up today with huge crowds expected to enjoy another airshow by the blue angels. the city's annual christmas day parade. you have the blue grass, the orange and black, the red and gold. cornell joins us live from the embarcadero with more on that. hello. >> good morning, terry. this is one of those weekends no matter where you look in san francisco, something is going on. check it out. at&t park, giants versus cincinnati. playoff action tonight. a lot, a lot going on on the embarcadero. and check it out, this is the uss makin island. this is an amphibious assault vessel. nor on that in a moment. but first check out the fireworks display over san francisco last night. just beautiful. celebrating fleet week and those
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amazing blue angels who put on quite a show yesterday on the waterfront. don't forget about giants playoff action tonight at&t park. 49ers at the stick as well. folks coming in yesterday heeded warnings. they took public transportation. even though it was heading to watch america's cup yacht racing on the bay which starts again today at 1:45. let's talk about that ship. the uss makin island is open for tours. it was the navy's only hybrid electric vessel. agatha and jodi are first in line today to see it. >> it's just a really need opportunity. you don't really get to see these things, especially in idaho falls, idaho. my husband wanted to see this so we are doing it for our anniversary. >> happy anniversary. >> thank you. >> that couple got in line at 7:30 this morning. probably a good idea because yesterday people waited as long as three hours for tours of the ship. it's free. it's docked south of the bay bridge. open today and tomorrow. back live for the shot of the
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ship. by the way, 3,000 people toured this vessel yesterday. you know, like i said, it's a hybrid ship. i made the joke earlier this morning, it's like a gigantic prius. i talked to a navy officer a few moments ago and he said kind of, not really, and we left it at that. live on the embarcadero, abc7 news. >> all right. thanks very much. >> the mayor said 100 more taxis will be out. muni is providing extra service, including the special service from the civic center. and you will see additional ferries on the bay this weekend, including additional service for the larkspur ferry. when you finally get to where you are going, would you be kind enough to share the fun with us. we want to see how you are spending your sunday. e-mail your photo and video to ureport at or up load
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it on the website. a traffic alert has been issued due to a fatal crash in sinole. the far lane in the lane will be closed for investigation. they found a skid marks lead to go a vehicle 50 feet off the road. at least one person has died at the scene. san francisco police want to find a killer after a person was shot in death in the south market area. it was near the corner of fourth and mission streets. another shooting victim expected to survive. there is no word on the condition. >> this morning a little girl is dead and two other people are injured after a mini van plowed into three people in daly city. it took place in the parking lot of saint andrew's catholic church on south gate avenue about 9:00 yesterday morning. abc7 news reporter thomas ramon tells us more. >> the little girl died. oh, my god.
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>> dennis reyes just learned a six-year-old girl who was hit by a mini van in the parking lot has died. it happened a little before 9:00 a.m. at the daly city church at south gate avenue as children were leaving a religion class. yellow police tape and red circles mark where the bodies of two women and the six-year-old lay after being struck. >> the two mothers were victims. i saw them lying, one in the grass and one in the pavement. and then i saw the seven-year-old kid, she was in shock. >> the last time he saw the child she was breathing. she died here at san francisco general hospital with the other two female victims were brought. one of the women is the mother of the six-year-old. what brought the tragedy closer to the reyes family was their child knew the little girl. >> the girl, it was my son's classmate. >> parishioners were shocked and saddened by the accident. according to dennis reyes, the
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female driver of the mini van mistook the gas pedal for the brake pad and struck the three as they left the parking lot. prayers were offered up for the victims at the afternoon mass. >> i have three granddaughters. they all went to catechism here. it was very sad for both families involved, everybody involved. >> the driver was still on scene when the officers arrived and she has not been arrested. >> abc7 news. >> in hercules, police are looking for a killer as family, friends and neighbors held a candlelight vigil last night to remember a woman found murdered in her home friday night. they are identifying the victim as susie koe. her husband claims the the murderer entered the house through an unlocked patio door and he he said it is a safe neighborhood. >> my wife feels safe to work on the yard, you know, even at night. we have good neighbors here. something like this happening is extraordinary.
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i just don't understand why people don't have any regard for human life. this is just terrible. >> the family's vehicle was stolen and police are looking for a 2011 sky blue suburu outback with idaho plates. >> police in san francisco are looking for a man who tried to run down an officer. it happened in san francisco on lincoln blvd. officers say they saw a man trying to break into a car. when they tried to stop him, police said he got into another car and then tried to run the officer down. police fired at the suspect, but he got away. lincoln boulevard was closed while investigate -- while officers investigated that. san francisco's suspended sheriff ross mirkarimi will find out tuesday if he keeps his job. the mayor suspended him after he pled guilty to charges in march coming from a domestic dispute with his wife on on new new year's eve. the city's ethics commission has sustained the misconduct charges against sheriff america.
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he will keep his job unless nine of the supervisors vote to fire him. so far most supervisors have been mum about how they will vote tuesday. this morning occupy protesters are still camped out at san jose city hall after police decided in the middle of the night to allow them to stay. it was after protesters were in city hall last year. the group plans to stay there until at least noon today. about ten protesters remained after police left the scene about 1:00 this morning. organizers say the protest was only supposed to last about 24 hours. >> earlier a san francisco police officer was slightly injured during a loud but mostly peaceful anti-war protest downtown. the officer was cut by falling broken glass from a window above. witnesses say someone accidentally broke the glass trying to shut a window. the protest marks the 11 year anniversary of nato involvement in afghanistan, the longest running american conflict in our history.
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and 15 san mateo homes had to be evacuated after explosive devices were found. they were in casanova park. they were bottles filled with a clear liquid and 4 metal foil around them. a robot was used to disable the bottles and the park was open by late afternoon. still ahead, you have never paid more at the pump. california gas prices hit record highs, and it looks like more records are going to be set. plus bay area supporters get their checkbooks out as president obama returns for another round of fundraising. we will update bo
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>> prices at the pumps have reached an all-time high in the bay area. the average in california is now $4.65 per gallon for regular unleaded, and that tops the 2008 record. in san francisco you are going to pay $4.65. higher than that in oakland. analysts are saying the august fire at the richmond refinery is still affecting prices. the national average $3.81 a gallon. one woman is cutting her work hours. >> i have to fill up at least two to three times a week, which is very costly. so in order to kind of like make it balance, i just go in less hours, cut off some days and that cuts down on my gas. analysts predict gas prices are likely to continue to rise over the next few days.
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>> an anti-police, anti-capitalism march in san francisco this weekend ended with violence and arrests. it ended on california and battery streets in the financial district. press called it an unlicensed march and arrested people who refused to leave the area. protesters smashed windows at a starbucks, they threw bags of paint. women called police a cog in the police. >> what they do to me is what they do all the type. they support the state, they work on behalf of the banks and corporations and they don't serve the people at all. >> twenty-two people arrested. a search of backpacks recovered ice picks, hammers, and bags filled with pain and rocks. one driver had his tire slashed and another car had a broken windshield. the presidential election is now less than a month away and the candidates are focusing on undecided voters in a handful of critical swing states. this comes as mitt romney kicks off stumping for votes in florida and president obama took a romantic break from the campaign trail.
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abc's karen traverse explains. >> mitt romney had the campaign trail all to himself. the republican contender stumped for votes in the critical state of florida. >> i'm counting on florida to win this for me on november 6th. so we can take back this country, get it strong again. >> the battleground polling, florida has turned into a must-win for the romney campaign. ann romney expressed confidence in her husband's chances there. >> we are going to win florida. >> mrs. romney stopped by a campaign office in florida and brought pizza and a pep talk. >> we appreciate the help you are giving us. all the work you are doing. >> otherwise it was a strangely quiet day on the campaign trail. obama's campaign, combined with the democratic party, raised $181 million in september, the more money than any campaign has raised in a similar month. the romney campaign has not yet
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released their september tally. president obama took the day off. they were planning to celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary. the marital milestone fell on wednesday, october 3rd, but reoccupied. >> i just want to wish, sweetie, you happy anniversary and a year from now we will not be celebrating it in front of 40 million people. >> this week it's the running mates turn in the pressure cooker. the vice presidential debate is set for thursday night. >> there will be a fireworks. you have a policy wonk in ryan, and you have joe biden who is sort of everyone's uncle, for better or worse. abc news, washington. >> president obama will be in the bay area this week for another fundraiser. he will be taking part in a concert and rally tomorrow at san francisco's bill graham's civic auditorium. tickets start at $100 and go as high as $7,500. the two presidential campaigns hit the morning talk shows." most analysts believe in the debates romney scored a victory
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over the president. here's george stephanopoulos this morning. >> i think the president understood that he had been performed up to his own expectations pretty quickly into -- after he got off the stage that night. but look, george, i think what is interesting, it's not -- i think it's who showed up on the republican side. you know, a clone that looked a lot like mitt romney. >> people saw the real mitt romney. i think that's why you saw the revise. i know, george, you thought it was a tie but most other objective observers felt gov. romney did do a good job of making the case for his policies. >> his plan does. >> well, as we heard the running mates will be debating in prime time this week vice president joe biden and ryan facing off on for wren and domestic policy. lisa argen is here now and we have a lifting of the overcast. you see the sun on the bay bridge back there. >> yeah. not quite beach record but santa cruz nice and sunny with
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temperatures in the mid-50s. that water temperature about 54 to 55. and the scattered clouds today. the rest of your forecast, that's next. >> a rough start to the playoffs for both the giants and the i moved to new york to work in fashion.
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today lisa is telling me 72 degrees, a little bit of a breeze. basically an absolutely wonderful fall day in the capital of silicon valley. there's the grand reopening of a historic landmark. the national hotel is on main street and jackson, about an hour southeast of sacramento. california's longest continually running hotel has been in operation since 1863. it's old west legacy includes guests like mark twain and the outlar bart. after a two year renovation, they have the classic 19th century feel in a modern luxury setting. >> we have people coming from the bay area and southern california who came here in their younger days and had quite a wild time but now they want someplace nice to stay. >> part of the hotel's western lore includes genuine, and the story has it he lost $56,000 at
9:22 am
that hotel in a poker game. when he lost that, that was probably worth about half a million dollars now. >> yeah. >> enough about money. let's talk temperature. >> a different kind of numbers. heading outside we have the clouds around. the view from mount tam shows that it is definitely around the bay. so from around here south we have sunshine, but also clouds to the east. it's nice and sunny in our far inland valleys. you saw the south bay. this is the embarcadero. looking good now. things moving and people central about with numbers in the mid-50s. later on today of course a busy place and nice weather to enjoy once again. you can see the low clouds there in the distance. live doppler 7 hd right now showing that the clouds, the extent of the clouds, well, it is kind of shallow. the deck there. we will look for that to quickly burn off. and as we do, it should be a nice afternoon. we are looking at numbers right now on the cool side. south bay you've been clear all morning long. 54 there.
9:23 am
it's mild in antioch at 64 and we are looking at low 50s and the clouds in santa rosa and napa this morning. this afternoon partly cloudy conditions. the system offshore continues to bring the slightly cooler-than-average temperatures our way for the next several days but we continue to back off on the rain chances tomorrow, bringing them in just a slight chance tuesday and wednesday. and then the system sinks south. here it is. you will notice offshore once again ting to spin counter clockwise. and with that we are looking at the fairly uniform temperatures, a few clouds around so a mix out there. and as the low gets a little closer, we are talking midday to late tuesday, into wednesday. overnight higher elevations, just a slight chance of showers. that includes the mountains, the sierra nevada, and temperatures will be coming down a little bit on tuesday with increase of clouds. so the hardly strictly bluegrass with a few clouds around. low 60s.
9:24 am
another nice afternoon in golden gate park and closer to the embarcadero and on the water we are looking at mild numbers. low to mid-60s there. repeat performance of yesterday. it was just a grand day yesterday and today promises to be just as nice. elsewhere, 67 in oakland today. talk about the low 70s in palo alto with, of about 70 in fremont. you have to go far north to warm up to the mid-70s in clear lake. here down around the monterey bay, you saw all the sun. a beautiful afternoon with 72 and the bills taking on the 49ers at candlestick with mid-60s. a great day there. a little bit of a breeze in the afternoon. we are looking at temperatures coming down just a few degrees tomorrow so the forecast holds for another beautiful day today. increasing clouds with that slight chance come tuesday. wednesday it's even further south and back to fair and mild conditions with numbers still a little cool by the end of the work week. nice. >> when that rain comes, you are talking higher elevations? and it's not a soaker?
9:25 am
>> no. >> just want to check on that. thanks very much. u.c. berkeley used last night's homecoming football game to rededicate memorial stadium. >> the stadium recently reopened after a $321 million renovation. stadium is now dedicate today all californians who have sacrificed their lives in service to the nation, not just those who served in world war 1. in sports it's a new day for the a's and giants. well, the giants were hosting the reds yesterday in game one of the nlds. matt cain was on the hill. you have to feel pretty good about your chance was matt and at&t park.
9:26 am
giants fans were pumped up, ready to go. johnny cueto got the start for the reds, but only faced two batters. he had back spasms. he hurt himself during warmups. you can see the frustration on his face as he walked off almost in tears. but his replacement, sam, was solid. an inning and two-thirds, struck out buster posey. that's hard to do. reds broke the scoreless tie in the third. brandon phillips just drills one off matt cain, 2-1 shot. reds up by 2. it gets worse for matt.f0$ in the fourth jay bruce goes deep. cain lasted five, gave up three runs on five hits, four strikeouts. not what you are used to with your ace. giants finally get on the board in the sixth. buster posey, see ya. solo shot off matt latos.u+dá reds still lead 3-1. fast forward to the ninth. 5-2, reds. two men on, the tieing run at the plate. but chapman, 100-mile high heat. reds take game one 5-2. game 2 today at 6:30. well, the amazing a's in detroit for game one of the alcs and hit a little speed bump known as justin verlander. capacity crowd. at comerica park.
9:27 am
watching reigning mvp verlander. coco crisp leads off the game with a homer to right. the 5ñd?up 1-0 in a flash. but verlander settled down. seven innings, one run allowed. cliff pennington one of his 11 strikeout victims. hird.. big play, two out, barry, a little tapper. gerald park everybody tries to glove toss if and it backfires. infante course from second. 2-1. and bottom of five. park he leaves the fastball up. alex avila makes him pay. solo shot, 3-1, detroit. parker 6 innings, 3 runs, 5 strikeouts. detroit wins 3-1. they lead 1-0. game two this morning at 9:00 a.m. homecoming weekend down on the farm. stanford hosting arizona and what a finish in this one. it went back and forth. third quarter. kelsey young takes the hand-off. finds a seam. gets to the sideline. 55-yard touchdown run. his first of the season.
9:28 am
stanford on top 23-33. arizona up 7 trying to pull away. to terrence miller. 10-yard touchdown. stanford trail 38-34. fourth and eight, nunez finds zach. that's a first down. then josh, by himself rolls right. third touchdown run. tied at 48. go to o.t. they intercept the first o.t. drive and stephon taylor steals it. 21-yard touchdown. cardinals win a wild one. 54-48 the final. cal hosting ucla. a big game for zach maynard. first quarter connects. connects on the quick slant. cal goes up 10-7. maynard, again, finds keenan allen. this time 8 yards. 16-7 at the half. zach with a man on a mission. the perfect pass to allen. 34-yard strike. maynard 25 of 30 for 295 yards and four td passes. also ran for one.
9:29 am
cal pounds ucla, 34-17, the final, improving to 2-4. 49ers host the bills. the highlights tonight at five. i'm mike shumann. have great day. a san francisco neighborhood suddenly infested with rats. that story coming up. and five terror suspects from overseas arrive in new york to face charges. plus, the rebirth of
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[ female announcer ] pillsbury cinnamon rolls. let the making begin. ♪ too bad the guys aren't here we're clear. ok, swarm! swarm! hello [ female announcer ] pillsbury chocolate chip cookies. let the making begin >> live from the kgo broadcast center, this is abc7 news.
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>> topping our newscast this half-hour, five terrorism suspects appeared in court in new york city yesterday just hours after they were extradited to the united states from england. aaron has the story. >> the radical person stood before the judge facing federal charges of conspiring to set up a terror training camp in oregon and kidnapping 16 tourists in yemen, two americans. >> very dangerous individual. a person who has not just inspired, but actually worked operationally, so it's charged, to have terrorist attacks carried out against americans. in the '90s, the prosecutor said he turned the london mosque into a breeding ground for extremists, attracting men like the 9/11 terrorists and including richard reed, the shoe bomber. >> for over a decade he was preaching hatred and preaching jihad and probably terrorism
9:33 am
week in, week out to thousands of young british muslims. >> he fought extradition to the united states while jailed in britain for inciting racial hatred and encouraging them to kill anonymous leams. -- to kill anonymous let mes. he was on a plane and bound for the u.s. a waiting trial with him are two other suspects accused of participating in the bombings of two american embassies in africa in 1998. 224 people died in those attacks, including twelve americans. two more men faced a judge in new haven. they reportedly used a connecticut internet service provider to raise cash and recruit and equip terrorists, including members of al-qaeda. abc news, new york. >> israel scrambled tighter jets to intercept a drone that crossed deep into israeli airspace this week. the aircraft was shot down over the country's southern desert.
9:34 am
there are reports it was an iranian made surveillance drone. it is believed to be launched by hezbollah out of lebanon. it's the first time in six years they have penetrated israel's airspace. concern is growing for a ten-year old colorado girl that has been missing now for two days. jessica ridgway was last seen friday morning walking to school. police believe she's been kidnapped. 400 volunteers turned out yesterday to search for jessica. police say she walked to a nearby park every morning to go to school. but friday jessica never showed up. the rare fungal meningitis outbreak across the u.s. has now killed seven people. the center for disease control and prevention has said the outbreak has spread to 60 people in nine states. the cases are all linked to a steroid made by a specialty pharmacy in massachusetts. the steroid has been recalled. meningitis affects the membranes surrounding the brain and spinal cord. in a bay area neighborhood a rat infestation blamed by the demolition of a nearby school.
9:35 am
the rats came in after they started tearing down a prep academy back in august. the school closed more than a year ago because of poor test scores. neighbors claimed they never had a rat problem until now. the san francisco chronicle also reports that residents received a letter from the school district on friday and in it the district promises to help pay for rodent-proofing homes near the campus. in the last 20 years some of san francisco's biggest and oldest churches have closed their doors. dwindling congregations and poor conditions have left the structures empty. now some of coming back. but in this assignment 7 report, abc7 news anchor carolyn tyler says don't expect the plays of -- the places of worship to open back up to church-goers. >> people once filled the pews at st. joseph's catholic church in san francisco south of market neighborhood. >> i know people who grew up here and got married in this church. i know people who were buried in this church. >> today st. joseph's is empty, stripped of its sacred shrines. now another big, empty san francisco church in need of
9:36 am
a new life. >> i thought it was so amazing, but it was sad that it had not really been touched for 25 years. >> chris foley bought the nearly 100-year-old building three years ago. he's working with developer brian spears to remake this historic landmark. st. joseph's was closed after the 1989 earthquake because it failed to meet seismic standards. >> the technology companies and the market getting so hot, what we decided do is got it approved as an office building. >> the plans call for 22,000 square feet of office space and a restaurant. the exterior will be restored and the building brought up to modern codes. cost is what most often keeps churches from being restored. >> to rehabilitate a building like this is about $17 million to $19 million. >> st. joseph's is just a number of church buildings all over the city preservationists hope can be saved. >> the adaptation of a building like that that removes it from
9:37 am
the vacant list that creates activity around and within a community or a neighborhood is far more valuable than seeing a building lie vacant. >> the second church of christ scientist on delores street was build back in 1915. it's an important architectural landmark. >> this is one of two wood-framed truss system domes in the city of san francisco. >> he is planning to turn the ornate church into four residential units. >> there would be three multi-level residential units on the ground floor and one lost -- loft unit up here in this dome. >> neighbors fought to keep the building from being torn down. >> we prefer that the building stayed as a church, but unfortunately the congregation was smaller and smaller and they couldn't afford to maintain the building but they had no choice but to sell the building. >> neighbors support the plan to convert the church into homes. they already knew he could do
9:38 am
it. less than a block away he restored another church, turning it into a multimillion-dollar home. >> and he put in a beautiful kitchen, and when we turn this into classrooms we will keep the kitchen. >> when the property did not sell as a home, the private children's day school bought it to convert it into a middle school for 180 students. the castle-like architecture will remain untouched. >> the tutor gothic hogwarts ambience of the building is wonderful for middle school students. >> in san francisco, i would say the majority of the old churches are probably worth being saved. >> but should every church be saved. that's the question being asked on this st. john's united methodist church. it's falling apart. what hasn't rotted is vandalized. >> three or four structural engineers have said it's unsafe. >> the church closed nine years ago when the congregation shrank to about a dozen people. they could not afford the
9:39 am
$6 million in repairs, so the church turned to developer john, and together they plan to tear it down and build 27 units of housing. >> this is all vandalism. >> but the city is making it tough. last month officials rejected the plan, saying it would result in the demolition of a historic resource. >> religious institutions have the right to use and dispose of their property under both state and federal law. >> the church is appealing the decision. in san francisco, carolyn tyler, abc7 news. the fbi says it's a growing problem. the number of lasers being pointed at airplanes and it could reach a new high this year. let's take a live look right now as we look at the skies and we see, yes, the tower sticking out above the clouds there. clouds are heading out of town and blue angels are headed in. a lot of other people headed in,
9:40 am
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the fbi said the number of laser pointers being aimed at area planes is reaching an epidemic level. there could be 3,700 laser attacks by the end of the year. that is compared to just 283
9:43 am
incidents back in 2005. laser pointers can cause pilots to become temporarily blind. there have been at least 27 separate laser pointing areas in the bay area so far this year. >> chinese company that makes iphones for apple denies reports of a strike by disgruntled workers. fox-conn said there were two small scale disputes earlier in the week that were quickly addressed. no big deal. they said some workers were unhappy when apple stepped up quality inspections when customers complained about flaws in the new i-phone5. on friday there were reports of an all-out strike but they insist production was not disrupted and there was no strike. bay area researchers are launching a product that can ultimately save millions of women from being infected by the a.i.d.s. virus and it puts the technology in the hands of women themselves. health and science reporter carolyn johnson has more.
9:44 am
it's estimated 3,000 women around the world are infected with h.i.v. every day. a imagine of those cases are in sub sahara, africa. but now this team in menlo park are developing a gel they believe will cut those numbers dramatically. >> it's a two-part gel. when applied to the site, it will stick for such a long time, at the same time it is two drugs, one effective against hiv and the other effective. >> it is to protect women during intercourse from hiv and hsv, a form of genital herpes also rampant in africa. it would be an alternative in male-dominated cultures that sometimes discourage the use of condoms. >> therefore you want to empower the women to take charge of their own health. >> the project recently received a boost from the national institute of health. in july it awarded them a half million dollars grant to fund the research for two years. >> they believe the combination therapy could be particularly effective because hsv-2 infections leave women more
9:45 am
vulnerable to contracting hiv. if you can reduce the one, you also reduce the other. >> in fact, the statistical analysis suggests if the microgel were used by even a fraction of women having unprotected sex in the developing world, it to prevent hundreds of thousands of infections every year. since the gel has antiviral drugs, they are hoping it speeds the approval process. >> we are quickly hoping that the next two years we can take this product to a stage where we can actually get down there and say we are going to start a medical study hopefully in africa in a few years. >> carolyn johnson reporting lisa argen jones us now and things are getting clearer by the moment. >> in some parts of the bay. >> i turned around and i was expecting to see more sunshine. clouds are moving over but it will get nice later. >> there are some holes, for sure. downtown, take a look at that.
9:46 am
isn't that neat. you see the low clouds in the distance. >> almost looks like he's saluting. >> yeah. we are still talking about mild temperatures and the weather system threatening us, staying offshore. but what does that mean for the rest of the weekend? i'll explain next. >> and why a troop of actors in san francisco is confident their first [ female announcer ] pillsbury crescents on their own are wonderful ...but add some ham and cheese ...roll them up in some crescent dough and tada, thursday is now...
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>> we are looking at a live picture at lake tahoe. a beautiful, beautiful morning up there. temperatures in the 60s up there. if you want to go somewhere and feel a a hit of autumn, that's where you might want to go because the lows overnight were in the 20s and later this week an outside grant, granted an outside chance, but an outside chance they might get a dusting of snow in the higher elevations up there at lake tahoe. a theater company started in a storefront is celebrating their tenth an versionry with a bold move. san francisco playhouse is getting a bigger theater and opening with a controversy musical next week. don sanchez gives us a preview. >> rehearsal, a bloody, bloody, andrew jackson, remembering the seventh president as a rock star. performings construction goes on around them. >> we built the stage over the first six rows. they are still under there. >> they are creating an intimate space with 200 seats, double
9:50 am
what they had for the first ten years at the playhouse on sutter street. >> when we started, basically standing in union square, he would stand there every day handing out flyers and some of our subscribers are still here from those days. >> and they do shows that have a special connection to the audience. >> the way i like to define it, we make traditional theater edgy and we make edgy theater, accessible. >> we look for plays that draws the audience in with a connection to the character. >> it paid off. >> one show last year was over 1,000 patrons over the run of the show. we are bursting at the seems. >> this place is a perfect fit. and now it's the san francisco playhouse. they moved here with great anticipation. >> here's an insider tip. the rivots on the set, they are vanilla waiver tookkies.
9:51 am
they started a program that gives students a chance to learn about plays and feel them. you feel an edge here. >> stakes are high to put on a good show and entertain people. >> changing times for what was once coughed san francisco's best kept secret. >> this is our time to say we around a secret anymore. >> abc7 news. >> andrew jackson a rock star? didn't cross my mind, but it crossed their minds. >> interesting. >> speaking of music, we have the hardly strictly blue grass at golden gate park and lots of other events. >> the low fog and clouds have formed around the bay. we have fog on the bridge from mount tam. >> there it is. >> yeah, there it is. >> how did you know? >> i kind of know those things, i like to think, once in a while. closer to home downtown we have a mix of clouds and sun. we have a few of those clouds over the area, a little cool, but the weather system offshore, although it is spinning out some cooler than average air, it's also far enough away that the sun shine warming us up nicely
9:52 am
today. live doppler 7 hd showing that the clouds really in sonoma county, napa, parts of marin county and also along the coast. but they are scattered across the bay and we are looking at some sunshine in the south bay, as well as the east bay. 64 in antioch. good morning, livermore. 56 for you. 57 in redwood city. and throughout the day today a few high clouds, partly cloudy conditions. and we will lock for the chance of showers to hold off. in fact, it's even more slim as this system sinks south. as it gets a little bit closer to the eastern pacific and the west coast. here it is, the upper level low remaining stationary over the past several days. and the forecast track has changed a little bit. so with it, staying offshore, we will see some mild afternoon temperatures but it also is going to mix out those marine clouds. you are seeing a little bit more of them this morning but they will dissipate and then the system as it slides south, a little more moisture headed our
9:53 am
way on tuesday. but the chance remains from the higher elevations, the south bay, and much of the north bay, probably not seeing any of that at all. looking more like tuesday and wednesday with a chance here and then it moves on out of the picture. so overall temperatures have been pretty comfortable, though cool to start out. and we talk about those 20s in the sierra nevada. 62 later on with slightly warmer air moving into the valley. 78 in sacramento. 76 in los angeles and temperatures around the bay, that narrow range once again but this time of year with the coast and san francisco really enjoying the mild averages. that sea breeze kind of weak out there. a nice afternoon in the city. 64 in the city. 70 fremont with 74 in livermore today. as you head south, we are looking at the clear conditions. a few scattered clouds and 76 in gilroy. so throughout the bay area tons going on with 60s and 70s with a few high clouds and then
9:54 am
tomorrow with more high clouds around and we will look for lower 70s, sprinkles here and there maybe tuesday and wednesday south of the area. it's not too late. if you heard about our contest, that's to win $49,000 from abc7. these people are taking the chance. and we've got vanessa of san jose, kristina of redwood city and patty of napa have all entered through our facebook page. the winner will be announced right after the 49ers game here on abc7 october 18th. so how is that? you have to get to here first, though. fill out the entry format and you fill this out. that's about it. then you are entered and you can be one of the winners or the winner, i should say. >> and good luck to all of you. coming up next, the most amazing animal story i have ever heard. adventure of zander would let nothing stand in the way of being by his owner's
9:55 am
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on their own are amazing, but press out some biscuit dough, add some sauce and some pepperoni and cheese and monday's dinner is now a grands mini pizza party. pillsbury grands biscuits. let the making begin. that's been wrapped in a flaky crust stuffed with a gooey center toasted up all golden brown then given a delicious design? a toaster strudel. pillsbury toaster strudel. so fun.
9:57 am
>> an amazing story out of new york that proves guns for all a dog is a man's best friend. seven-year-old zander missed his owner, who was hospitalized. so the husky slipped out the back door of his home, traveled more than two miles to the hospital, a place he had never been before. how could that happen? animal experts say it's a mystery how some dogs can do that. >> this dog can get out of that
9:58 am
yard and start wandering around and wind up in front of the hospital, it's like one in a million. >> of course, you know, we are buddies, man. he came to see me. >> zander had to go through a stream, cross a highway, navigate strange streets to get to the hospital. but somehow the dog found his owner. lisa is going to wrap up the weather. if you are coming to san francisco, you look if he bay bridge right now, that's much heavier than usual. the weather is going to be? >> getting an early start. it's cloudy now but we will see sunshine with 60s, mild temperatures throughout the afternoon. it will stay that way until the next system maybe brings a few clouds and rain drops tuesday. >> thanks a lot for joining us. abc7 news continues at 5:00 p.m. we want to remind you about our exclusive i-phone anderson for the i-phone. download it for free and wake up to the latest bay area headlines, news and traffic. what a great picture. hey, have a great day! alright let's break it down.
9:59 am

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